Updates from the Maxey Family

February 2018

Finding Joy

My prayer at the beginning of the holiday season was not just to make it through the holiday season, but to also feel joy! Well, I am happy to report that I did not just feel joy, but God was gracious enough to supply me with an abundance of joy that came from places I wouldn’t have imagined. Our home has always been an open door or a landing place for students and/or adults traveling through town. So, when Charley called and asked if his friend Bul could come and stay with us for a few days (including Christmas Eve), I, of course, said yes. Charley failed to mention that Bul would be arriving at our house two days before him! I thought to myself, “Oh great, what am I going to do with Bul, a 6’7” sophomore basketball player at California Baptist University, for two full days? He is going to be bored out of his mind with me!”

Bul and I immediately bonded over my cooking, which he was happy to have after eating cafeteria food for two years. After we began to bond, Bul started opening up to me about his story. For the first ten years of his life, Bul lived in Sudan and then fled to Australia as a refugee with his mum and five siblings. His father still lives in Sudan (he is the head of their tribe and has a total of three wives and sixteen children, including Bul’s siblings!). Bul said he hasn’t seen his dad for 11 years and that his dad does not plan on ever leaving Sudan. I could sense he really missed his dad and his homeland, so I asked what food he missed the most from home. “Lots of meat and rice.” So, I whipped out the crockpot and threw in a few pork tenderloins with some teriyaki sauce and a big pot of white rice. When he sat down for dinner, the look on his face was pure JOY!!! He had never seen or even heard of a crockpot and was very intrigued about how it all worked.

We drove around visiting friends, chatting, doing real estate stuff and, just like that, we became buddies! When Charley arrived, we made a trip out to San Francisco to do the regular touristy things: Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, and, of course, clam chowder in a bread bowl. I will never forget Bul’s face when he saw the Golden Gate Bridge. He hung his head out the window taking it all in with a smile as big as the Golden Gate! The real joy came Christmas Eve when Bul woke up and said, “Good morning, Family!” I just thought it was so funny how the first thing he thought to do after he woke up was to greet us! The morning got even better when he opened up his gift…a Crockpot! Oh, my goodness, he went nuts for it! He took pictures of the crockpot and sent them to his basketball coach telling him, “This is a game changer, Coach. I will be able to gain that extra weight you have been wanting me to gain!”

As all of you know, the Barn has been a huge part of our family ministry. Recently, a former Campus Life student, Issac, held a reunion at the Barn for the former students and volunteers. Although I knew it would be emotional for me, I decided I would stop by and see everyone. As I walked into the Barn, it took everything inside of me to hold back my tears. Seeing all those familiar faces in the place that I had first met them—so many years ago—was a lot to process in that moment.

As stated in a note that Issac shared, it was a fantastic event with 22 former volunteers who caught up through games, food, dodgeball, and a very emotional reflection on Rob’s love for YFC, the Barn and each of them. Issac was so happy to report that they also took a collection for the Rob Maxey Legacy Fund! Pure joy in knowing former students/volunteers see the value in investing in others and sharing the gospel!

Isn’t that just like God to bring an abundance of joy in the things we all take for granted? A crock pot, the Golden Gate Bridge, a reunion, and being able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you all for your support, prayers and being part of our joy.

Choosing Joy,

 “You will make known to me the path of life; in your presence is fullness of joy; in your right hand there are the pleasures forever.”

~ Psalm 16:11 ~

November 2017

Living in southern California in the fall has taught me one thing: I love northern California! At the end of October, the high was 102 degrees! That should NOT be allowed. I’ve been so ready for jeans and sweatshirt weather for about a month already. Don’t get me wrong – it’s great here. But when you live on the surface of the sun, you need a break once in a while.  

The Rob Maxey Legacy Fund Golf Tournament was a great reason to make the pilgrimage home to northern California. The tournament was a perfect combination of something my dad was great at (fundraising) and something that was better left as a hobby (golf). My dad’s most legendary golf story happened during a YFC golf tournament, when, like classic Rob, he hit the ball straight into the pond. Normal individuals at this point would have taken a mulligan and the stroke penalty, but not my dad! Rob was no normal individual. Rob was the guy who would strip down to his tighty-whities and dive into the pond to save a stroke. My dad wasn’t content with an ordinary, do-what-everyone-else-is-doing type of life. You don’t know how many strokes God is going to give you in this life, and my dad lived in a way that made sure he didn’t waste a single one.  

So back to the golf tournament. The Rob Maxey Legacy Fund Golf Tournament was held at Topgolf in Roseville. And for those of you who haven’t experienced Topgolf, just imagine you’re at Buffalo Wild Wings and then someone hands you a golf club. I highly recommend that you try it out. It was a day filled with fantastic company, great barbeque and some really terrible shots. It was an event that was not only honoring to my dad, but also to all the fruitful ministry that YFC has accomplished over the years. From the bottom of my heart and YFC’s, we are truly thankful for everyone who made it out to support the event.

No doubt,  YFC and the Rob Maxey Legacy Fund are a great ministry to support.  It’s a ministry that turns empty lots into barns full of kids. And it’s a ministry that shows crazy, blue-haired eighth graders that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them.  A ministry that takes a group of kids, who could really use a break in life, and turns them into a basketball team. It is truly an organization that will do whatever it takes to make sure not a single stroke of a kid’s life gets forgotten in the pond. Real life doesn’t give you mulligans. That’s something my father knew and that’s something YFC knows.

Thank you so much for helping us get forgotten kids out of the pond and onto dry land with Christ.

 God bless you,

 Charley Maxey


September 2017

There are many things I miss about Rob. One of our favorite traditions was to wake up early on a Saturday morning, grab a cup of coffee and a donut, and then stop at the many garage sales on the way. Rob would say, “You never know what you might find!” (Maybe one of the 27 shovels we have in the shed!)

One recent Saturday I decided to put on my big girl pants and carry on with this tradition, regardless of how painful it might be. My first stop was at the gas station. As I was filling up, a lady approached me and asked if I was Rob Maxey’s wife. After I said yes, she proceeded to say how sorry she was for my loss and how Rob had come alongside her son during a very difficult time in his life. With tears in both her eyes and mine, we hugged and I thanked her for sharing her memory of Rob with me.

Then I drove to the donut shop (I needed my fix after that!). I was a mess and it was only 6:00 am! The gentleman behind the counter, whom Rob and I both knew, asked how I was and if Rob was okay since he had not seen him for a while. I took a deep breath and proceeded to share that Rob went to see Jesus. He immediately started to cry harder than I had ever seen a grown man cry before. The tears were literally shooting out of his eyes and I suggested that he and I step outside. He told me about how Rob had prayed with him when his daughter had passed away years ago. We hugged and I thanked him for sharing his story with me and how sorry I was for his loss. It was now only 6:30 am and I was an even bigger mess. I finished the donut before I even left the parking lot!

As I drove home, I was reminded of what a massive legacy Rob has left in our community. I can’t go anywhere without seeing someone who has a Rob Maxey story! This also helped me see that not only is our immediate family grieving, but so is an entire community.

Just this past week, I received a text from Janelle, a great lady who co-leads the Collings Teen Center in West Sacramento. It was with such excitement that she told me that they were having a back-to-school giveaway the next day at the Teen Center. She shared that this is the last thing they talked about with Rob and he was so excited about it! “It has really blown up! We had more responses than we ever thought possible.

We have 300 kids registered for backpacks and more to give out on top of that. We have haircuts, crafts, a bounce house, school uniforms, hygiene kits, lunches and a health-screening truck!” The excitement in her text brought tears to my eyes as I remembered when Rob would nearly jump out of his skin when the Lord would far exceed his expectations! Rob’s legacy continues!

I recently started to read a book called Option B. It is coauthored by Sheryl Sandberg, a woman who lost her husband two years ago to a sudden heart attack when he was only 44 years old. She has two children who were 7 and 10 at the time of their father’s death. In the book, Sheryl shares how her option A was taken from her.

My Option A was to spend the rest of my life growing old with Rob, doing ministry side by side. Now that Option A is no longer available, I have to go with Option B. I can hear Rob saying, “Mishalle, you need to kick the crap out of Option B!” Although if you knew Rob, you probably know he wouldn’t have said “crap!”

Our Option B is to reach as many kids and families as possible by showing them the love of Jesus. That’s how we are going to carry on Rob’s legacy. Thank you for being a part of our Option B. Because of your generosity, whether it be through prayer or financial giving, we can all rest assured that Rob Maxey’s legacy will live on as God continues to exceed our expectations!

Choosing Joy,

So we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of  God but our lives as well.  ~ 1 Thessalonians 2:8



May 2017

Hello, this is Mickey Maxey.

I am writing this letter to thank each of you for being a part of Rob’s YFC support network.

Thank you for the cards, texts, posts, flowers and food you have given and the support that you have shown my family over the past weeks of great difficulty. I was so glad to see so many of you at the memorial service. Thank you for coming great distances, waiting in long lines and sharing your kind words and hugs with me and with Charley and Robby.

Your love, prayers and financial support over the years have done more than just support youth ministry initiatives.  They have supported me, my boys and the family that Rob led so well. Thank you. Some people are asking me “should we continue to make our monthly donation or year-end gift to YFC?

The simple answer is, yes.  It’s actually, “YES…now more than ever!”


Rob’s passion was to expand the youth ministry of YFC and Campus Life. He wanted to send more kids to camp, especially kids who couldn’t afford it. He wanted to see YFC on more campuses and in more communities. He even dreamed of expanding into San Francisco.


Rob at YFC’s River Run a couple of years ago, raising funds for the Collings Teen Center.

Rob’s passion for leading ministry was never detached from leading and providing for our family. Your support allowed him to give his time to his calling and to his family, which we heard about so well from our sons at his Memorial service. Didn’t they do an amazing job honoring their dad??

Now that Rob is gone, he cannot sit with each of you to share his heart. But I promised Rob, along with the YFC board, that we would work together to fulfill his ministry vision and care for his family after he could no longer do it himself.

It is my pleasure to serve on a committee that has the awesome task of assuring that the resources are available to fund Rob’s dreams and continue his legacy. I will get to have a powerful say in how your donations are used for YFC ministry, and my family will continue to receive healthcare and other benefits from YFC through your generous support.

This website has been established to share memories of Rob’s life and passions. There is a final letter from him posted here, as well as the video from his Celebration of Life and Eternal Life on April 29th, 2017. It’s also the place you can learn more about supporting the Rob Maxey Legacy Fund.  Thank you for visiting the website and for helping us to carry on the good work that God started through His work in Rob.

Thank You, Thank You, and God Bless You,








Making our annual gift for donors at Snook’s Candies this past December.


April  2017

We want to thank you all for the outpouring of love and support you showed Rob, and all of us during his illness and death.  You will never know how blessed we’ve been by your friendship and kindness.  It’s our hope that we can periodically let you know how we are doing, and how God is continuing to bless the YFC ministry that Rob loved so dearly.  Stay tuned……

Mickey, Robby and Charley