Rob’s Legacy and Your Memories

Rob talks about the vision of Youth for Christ and Campus Life

Rob demonstrated a heart to share Christ with young people long before he joined the YFC ministry. He and his wife, Mickey were involved in working with students at their church and in joining other volunteers to bring students to city-wide YFC events.

Rob transitioned from a volunteer working with students to a full time missionary with YFC as a way to impact more young people with the Gospel.  God blessed his ministry with hundreds of young people who were attracted to his love for the Lord.

Rob focused his time and energy on the Granite Bay and Roseville area, building a staff of dedicated college students and parents who shared his passion for connecting with young people we would call the most at risk kids who just needed to know they mattered, impacting hundreds of young people.

Rob continued to grow the ministry, recruiting staff and expanding the impact as he became the Ministry Director for the greater Sacramento area and giving leadership to staff across the whole community.

In Rob’s role as Executive Director of YFC in Sacramento,  he became the nation-wide example of YFC to help guide and direct the National Ministry and challenged the status quo by trusting God for men and women who had a heart for inner-city ministry.  He set the example of developing ministry programs in some of the most challenged neighborhoods and schools. Under Rob’s leadership YFC is now impacting over 1,000 young people a week, sharing Christ in a way that young people understand.

Below are memories from friends and family:  

So many of us have stories of how Rob impacted our lives.  If you would like to leave a short memory or a message for Mickey, Robby and Charlie, please click this LINK and leave it for the RMLegacy webmaster to post.


Rob’s Joy -one day Rob stood up at Valley Springs Church and asked for people to come and volunteer with him to reach teens in the community. My husband, Brian, and I decided to volunteer. I went on to serve with Rob on staff with YFC and learned so much from him. He demonstrated such a Christ-like way of loving teens and becoming part of their lives. I was barely not a teen myself at the time but what I learned from him has impacted my ministry to this day and we would still reach out to Rob regularly to get advice on reaching teens up until his passing.  I remember the joy that he exuded every time he was with kids and the way he laughed so joyfully with them. Brian and I went on to serve with YFC oversees in Africa and are now overseeing the YFC Caribbean ministries and running Campus Life in Miami because God used Rob in our lives to move us into the mission of reaching youth for Christ. Rob used his life in the best way we can making Jesus known and I pray that we will all follow that example.    ~ Melissa Verdugo

Young Rob I was lucky enough to have known Rob when we were both younger, playing soccer. Rob was more than a good soccer player, he was a good person. Even at a young age Rob always had a smile and a way about him that made others around him comfortable. In looking at this website I can tell that Rob took those natural tools with him into adulthood and made a very positive impact on his community.  I ran into Rob about 20 years ago at a soccer game and it was amazing how naturally we were able to pick-up where we had left off. Our world here is not better with his passing, but it is obvious that we are all better for knowing Rob.  I imagine my mom is in heaven helping to organize a soccer team and Rob will be the center back they have been looking for and he will make the team better in many ways.  Rest In Peace Rob!!!    ~ Jay Clark

The Fireworks Booth Rob was brilliant at fundraising for YFC, and one of the more successful ways to do so was for YFC to sponsor a fireworks booth each July 4th.  It’s success was due to the unparalleled commitment and passion he had to minister to kids, which meant Rob spent many a night in a motorhome guarding the booth, sacrificing time with family during the holiday, and yet with humor and grace and hospitality.  He had an amazing work ethic, and a sense of humor that kept us laughing nonstop as he schmoozed customers, made deals, and made everyone feel comfortable.  I love working at the fireworks booth because it allows me to interact with YFC staff, and learn more about the great things happening in Youth for Christ.  Rob, I wish I could trade places with you. Love you, Brutha!  ~ Kris Glass


Below are quotes from area public figures – Rob’s community friends:

Rob served as the Executive Director of Sacramento Youth for Christ and the Collings Teen Center in West Sacramento.  It is in partnering with the Collings Teen Center where I had the distinct honor and pleasure of working with Mr. Maxey for nearly four years.  Rob’s energy and enthusiasm for his mission to serve the children of our city was tireless.  His advocacy was contagious and the impact he has had on countless kids has been profound.
We would like to thank the Collins Teen Center, Sacramento Youth for Christ and, in particular, Rob Maxey for the commitment to the children of West Sacramento and to the future of our community.
On a personal note, Rob’s love of life, his love for all people, and his commitment to his faith was infectious.  On a daily basis Rob demonstrated by his words and his actions what it means to be a leader, a mentor, a teacher, a friend, and a husband and father.  As I write this I can’t help but smile through my heartache as I think of Rob.
I believe that we were all blessed to have Rob in our lives and, while the sun will surely shine again tomorrow, our world will be just a little less bright without Rob among us.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Rob’s family and loved ones.  Rest in peace.”

Thomas J McDonald, Chief of Police, West Sacramento Police Department

Rob Maxey put his heart and soul into expanding the programs at the children’s center on Sayonara. Under his leadership the center grew from an elementary age after school program to including middle and high school kids, breakfast and evening programs.  Rob’s love of kids and service to his Lord will leave an imprint on our community for generations as these children grow into productive adult citizens, grounded in strong values.”

Jeannie Bruins, Mayor, City of Citrus Heights

“The Barn has provided a safe environment for hundreds of teenagers to be real about what is happening in their lives, and to be introduced to the love of God that is displayed through the adult staff and volunteers who are caring and consistent.  Every young person is valued, accepted, and loved as they walk through the doors of the Barn.  The impact will echo throughout eternity.”

– Jim Holst, Outreach Director, Bayside Church

On behalf of the students from all three high schools I’ve worked for (Granite Bay, Antelope & Oakmont) I want to thank Rob Maxey and the Campus Life staff for all the work they have done and continue to do to support our students.  The Barn serves as a safe place….both as a physical structure that students sometimes need as well as an emotional refuge from the trials and troubles they experience in their day to day lives. The students at our high schools represent a microcosm of the communities we live and work in.  As such, they come to us with the same social and emotional needs, academic needs, physical needs, and spiritual gaps that are prevalent throughout our community.  The Barn and its staff serve to address the needs of these students by providing a warm, caring environment that is specially suited to address individual needs while providing a safe loving environment for continued growth and development.  The trust, relationships and special bonds that are developed and created through the Barn make it a truly special place for the students who are fortunate enough to have their lives touched by the special program and opportunities offered at the Barn. I look forward to seeing how the Barn will continue to touch lives and grow the human understanding, needed to address the needs of our current and future generations.”

– Rob Hasty, Asst. Principal, RJUSD

“We are so thankful for The Barn!  Rob has graciously allowed our district to use the facility for trainings, meetings and retreats.  Many of the critical decisions in our district have been made in the comfort and serenity of this amazing facility.  The Barn exudes warmth and friendship and I always feel like we have benefitted from our time there.”

– Ron Severson, Superintendent, RJUSD

“The Barn has served as our freshman float building site for 10 years. Rob has been so generous with this space and it is just the perfect location for kids to walk from school to participate in one of our most treasured traditions. Just knowing that this space is available to the freshmen each year helps to alleviate all of the stress of finding a location for these kids who are new to high school and taking on one of our most involved commissions in Student Government. The Barn provides an awesome location for them to make new friends and have fun creating their first high school Homecoming float.”

– Tamara Givens, Activities Director, Granite Bay High School

There are times when God provides miraculous tools at particular times to accomplish His work in a great way. The Barn has been that type of wonderful tool. To watch what has happened there, the lives that have been transformed, and the impact that has been made on the youth in our community can only be attributed to a wonderfully faithful and powerful God! I’m so grateful for the way the Barn has been used to reach the next generation and pray for many more years of abundant fruitfulness.”

– Scott Hollingshead, Lead Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel